Client Stories

Here are some kind words from our clients at Body Innovations in Guelph.

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“As a mother of a four year old boy who loves to play and be physical, it is very important for me to be able to keep up. Last year, I hurt my back three times and ultimately, on Christmas morning was barely able to move. I decided I needed to take action. A friend of mine who is a physiotherapist suggested I contacted Sue from Body Innovations. It was the best decision I ever made. After my consultation with Sue, she suggested several stretches and a class that may assist in my recovery. Since I began in January, I can’t believe the change. My core strength has improved greatly and am currently taking a class that a year ago would have been impossible. I thoroughly enjoy each class I have participated in and the fact that the classes are small and you receive individual attention during the workout is an added benefit. I am grateful to Body Innovations for their attention and concern during my recovery.”

“I really enjoy the Pilates classes at Body Innovations. The instructors make every effort to accommodate students of all levels of fitness and flexibility, so no-one feels excluded. The variety of equipment used in the classes keeps the exercises interesting and stimulating , so the class is never boring. Sue has the skills to assess one’s physical problems in the sphere of functional movement, and to suggest helpful ways to try to remedy one’s problems in this area. The classes are always pleasant and not crowded, and I feel that individual attention is paid to each student’s specific needs.”

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“Recovering from herniated discs in my lower back, Sue Nash’s holistic approach of strengthening, restoring flexibility and balance has been very effective. When I began working with Sue, I had lost most of my flexibility and strength, and what has previously been the simplest of tasks, such as taking out the garbage, or playing with my kids was not possible. Sue custom tailored a program specific to my needs that has been an essential part of my return to normal activities. Her ability to assess postural problems and imbalances, and provide corrective solutions through a progression of exercise and strengthening was unquestionably effective.

In the age of the Internet, we are overwhelmed with information, and this can prove daunting when recovery from a significant injury. In my experience, the challenge for most people recovering from injuries, is identifying the appropriate and most effective treatment and approach from the literally thousands of potential possibilities. Finding
someone who has the experience to deal with your unique situation is critical. Sue took the time to perform an extensive evaluation of my initial condition and provide a “roadmap” specific to my needs that has led to my successful recovery. There is no substitution for the experience that Sue Nash brings to the table, whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to improve your level of fitness”

“Sue is a fabulous coach! She is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging — she makes training fun! She has helped me to fully recover from a number of injuries. Through her personalized training sessions, I’ve been able to safely regain my lost strength and mobility. I’d highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness level.”

“I have been a client at Body Innovations for several years, attending weekly small group classes taught by Sue as well as participating in special events offered to clients. The benefits for me are strength, balance, endurance and more. I appreciate the small group classes, and the well designed studio and location.”

Pilates with Sue has become an essential part of my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Sue’s holistic approach to exercise and her cheerfulness have been an inspiration for me.”

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“I started a summer drop in class at Body Innovations, about 18 months ago at the suggestion of my daughter. She has taken classes with Sue for years and felt that I would really benefit from the small individualized classes. I have joined gyms and taken exercise classes at various rec centres in the past and always felt like the “odd one out” due to my limitations from having arthritis throughout my body but particularly in my lower back and knees. I could never keep up although at times I know that I actually overdid it. Not that way at Body Innovations. The classes are specifically geared to individual levels of fitness and physical abilities/limitations. I love the Healing Bodies class which I regularly attend and it is aptly named. My mobility / flexibility have greatly improved, plus the small class allows Sue to pay close attention to everyone’s needs. No one slows the class up because we all work at our own speed and comfort level. It also doesn’t hurt that through my increased ability to move more- I have lost over 15 pounds!”

“Kelly gently leads our trx class through movements that work each individual muscle of your body. Kelly is extremely technical and uses a huge variety of movements in her classes. I am most appreciative of her knowledge on how the body moves kinetically. She always ends classes with an exceptional stretch that leaves you feeling rejuvenated! You will definitely be thanking Kelly for her efforts days after your class is over.”

“The studio is situated on beautiful apple orhard grounds. It is home to every single piece of pilates equipment that you could ever imagine, right at your fingertips. Even on your most wound up days after a class at Body Innovations and a breath of the orchard fresh air, you feel completely relaxed and ready to start your day.”

“Sue Nash is a remarkably skilled instructor and overall health advisor. I have been practicing Pilates under Sue’s guidance for a number of years now and have found Sue to be consistently attentive to my body’s particular quirks and sensitivities, even in a group class setting. Body Innovation classes challenge me to be more attuned to my body and how it serves me well!”

“As an older athlete, rehabilitation and injury prevention are critical. Sue has been instrumental in assessing structural weaknesses and vulnerable muscle groups. Sue’s training programs address individual idiosyncrasies and ensure sport specific flexibility and strength gains. Her infectious, positive attitude and respect for all athletes (regardless of age), empowers you to achieve your goals through healthy and smart training.”

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“I have been following Sue for about 8 years now. She excels at what she does. She understands how our bodies work, is constantly upgrading her skills and knowledge, and passes it along to her clients in conversation as well as in her class instruction. I love that her class is always different. She uses a variety of equipment and we never get bored. Make no mistake, it is a tough workout. I hate to miss a class because I feel so good after I’m done. I have had two C-sections in the last 5 years and my abs are much stronger now than before I had children. Exercises that I remember being unable to do when I started Pilates I can do easily now. I look forward to taking Sue’s classes for many years to come. Thanks Sue!”


“Before I joined Body Innovations I thought I was weak — weak in body, weak in willpower. Other instructors told me to try harder, just keep going, push myself. As a result, I always hurt and hated working out. But Sue didn’t push me. She observed. Turns out I’m not weak. I’m hypermobile. Thanks to Sue’s keen eye, caring attitude and targeted training, I’m not only stronger, I’m more aware of my body and have learned how to avoid the injuries my hypermobility makes me prone to. Thanks to Sue a workout means gain, not pain.”

“I came to Sue at Body Innovations weak and feeble after being on chemotherapy. At first I attended private classes to build up my strength and to address my body’s particular issues until I was able to join classes. Thanks to Body Innovations and the personal attention you receive, not just in the private sessions but in all of the classes, I am now taking advanced classes. The classes at Body Innovations are not just “exercise classes”, they build strength, increase your fitness level and, most importantly, teach you how to move and use your body correctly in all aspects of your life.”

“I’d always tried traditional exercise programs – gyms and classes – but could never find the right fit due to limitations from previous injuries. After lots of frustrating workouts I felt that I was slipping backward rather than moving forward. My doctor recommended Body Innovations. I went for a consultation with Sue and then joined the Healing Bodies class. It was so great to be in a class setting with an instructor who would make individual accommodations for my abilities. Thanks to Sue and the other staff my fitness level has improved and I am more able and confident in my everyday activities as well.”

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