Group Sessions

At Body Innovations, our group sessions are designed to help you move to learn and learn to move through playful routine with proper biomechanics and mindful movement. We offer a range of classes that include the core disciplines of pilates as well as yoga, and personalized training programs.

Group sessions range from beginner, intermediate, advanced and mixed level and include:

Healing Bodies (Post Physiotherapy) Mat Class

Healing Bodies is a gentle class that moves at a slower rate.  It is an excellent choice for people finishing physiotherapy or dealing with physiological issues in their body.  The class will address posture, overall strength, core strength, range of motion and stabilization of joints.  Clients must be able to get down and up from a mat to be eligible to take the class (if this is not possible a few privates sessions are recommended prior to entering class).

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Mens Core & Back Mat Class

This male only class is specifically designed to strengthen abdominal/back muscles, improve posture and flexibility to reduce back pain and provide an overall feeling of wellness.

Functional Movement Training Mat Class

Functional Movement (FMT) Pilates foundation techniques are introduced along with fundamental personal training concepts to improve core function and stabilization. These concepts are integrated into functional movement patterns that are used in daily activities.

High Performance Training Mat Class

High Performance Training (HPT) focuses on challenging and improving the seven biomotor abilities of power/speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance. This class will identify and train weakness in movement patterning.

Performance Training Mat Class

Performance Training (PT) Intermediate Pilates techniques along with strength and conditioning concepts are introduced to improve posture, bone density, balance and performance. This is the essential for improving quality of daily life, movement, sport or overall fitness level.

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Prenatal Mat/Reformer Class

Our Prenatal class is designed for women in all stages of pregnancy.  The program is designed to adapt to the changing body by strengthening muscles that weaken during pregnancy and by stretching tight areas which help clients feel better as they improve strength, flexibility and balance.  Pre Natal exercise is an excellent way to stay energized during pregnancy and get a jump start on your post natal recovery.  

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced pregnancy discomfort
  • Sleep better
  • Preparation for childbirth

Note:  If you feel well and your OB/midwife has not advised against exercise you will likely feel ready to start after the first trimester when your energy levels return.

Post Natal

Our Post Natal class is designed to help recondition the core muscles following delivery.  Exercises are performed on the Mat and Pilates Reformer to improve posture, strength and flexibility.  Babies up to one year of age are welcome to come to class.

Synergy Yoga/Pilates

This class combines the complementary benefits of Yoga and Pilates to create the experience of mind body connection with strengthening and lengthening.

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Restorative Yoga

During our busy lives when so much of our attention is turned outward, give yourself the treat of a little relaxation and inward attention.  With its emphasis on being rather than doing, this practice brings us into harmony with the body’s inherent rhythm.  Restorative Yoga helps soothe the nervous system, support the  immune system, calm the mind, and deepen awareness to our breath.  This class is appropriate for students of all ages and levels of ability.  Enjoy!


Body Stretch is a group exercise class designed to help clients become more flexible in body, mind and spirit so you feel not only more functionally mobile but also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of your life.  This comes from a non-competitive atmosphere in class that focuses on the innate physical intelligence and abilities within you.  Instead of comparing yourself to the person next to you in class, participants are encouraged to find the best way to move and function for themselves, not some ideal.  As opposed to targeting isolated, single muscles, BodyStretch is a functional mobility and stretch class that progresses through entire chains of neuro-myo-fascia.

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TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is a resistance training program unlike any other.  Using one simple piece of equipment and the weight of your body, TRX clients can engage in hundreds of unique and challenging exercise routines that simultaneously work multiple muscles and joints.  This class is suitable for clients of all fitness levels and will help enhance strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability.  TRX Suspension Trainers are used by professional athletes, military personnel around the world, and thousands of people just like you.

Pilates Reformer

The reformer is a classic piece of pilates which has a horizontal carriage that glides on rollers and has a series of springs that provide increasing levels of resistance. This phenomenal machine allows you to strengthen abdominal muscles that help create a strong core and toned body without bulking up. Exercises are performed lying down, seated, kneeling and standing. The Reformer is suitable for all levels of fitness from post physiotherapy to advanced training.

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