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Our Approach

Our Approach

Pilates By Design

Our hope for each client is that they’ll join our community and stay for a long time. Your health journey is one that we’d like to walk with you, supporting and guiding along the way.

We like to begin with a thorough assessment to explore your current concerns, health history and future goals.

From there we design your “personal recipe” to unwind the problem, which includes a comprehensive and individualized combination of private sessions, homework and group classes.

During your time with us, each instructor gets to know you, and develops an understanding of your past, present and future so that you’re fully supported every step of the way. When you combine that with the support of the incredible community of fellow classmates in the studio, you’re sure to develop a healthy lifestyle that is a joy to maintain.

Our Approach


Biomechanics is at the core of what we teach, and can be applied to human movement in two ways: to improve overall performance and to prevent/treat injury.

All movement begins and ends with posture. At Body Innovations our intent is to improve posture, strengthen core/back muscles and train proper biomechanics.

Imagine a bicycle wheel with one or two spokes out of alignment or missing. When the wheel begins to roll it will wobble and be terribly inefficient. Your body is much the same as a bicycle wheel – the more you stray from the ideal posture (where all the spokes fall into place correctly) the less range of motion you will have in your joints and flexibility problems may arise. You will also compensate how you move to accommodate the weakness and/or tightness and this may lead to pain throughout your body.

Bringing your body back into balance by improving posture, strength and biomechanics helps ensure that whatever you choose to participate in to stay healthy and have fun will be done with the knowledge to keep yourself safe, strong and free from pain.