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At Body Innovations, our goal is to meet you where you’re at, create a roadmap to the best health of your life, and support you along your journey. We design movement lifestyles for our clients because we’ve seen the impact they’ve made time and time again.

While it’s not a requirement, if you’re new to Body Innovations we’d love to begin with an initial assessment. You’ll meet with our founder, Sue Nash, and together you can develop the most efficient route toward your specific goals.

Instructor: Sue Nash

Initial Assessment

$120 + HST

Each client begins with a thorough assessment with Sue Nash, where she explores your current concerns, health history and future goals.

From there she’ll design your personal plan to unwind the problem, employing a comprehensive and individualized combination of private sessions, homework and group classes.

Instructor: Sue Nash

Private Sessions

$120 + HST

These 1:1 sessions typically take place once or twice a week as needed. During your time together, Sue will guide you through movement patterns designed to heal injuries and address your initial concerns, while simultaneously building confidence and reacquainting you with your body. These are very individualized and consider not only the muscles but also the bones, fascia, and nervous system.

You’ll learn about the effects of biomechanics, posture, stress, and how to properly move your body. Before you move onto group classes, you’ll feel less tightness and pain, and ready to show up with confidence.

Instructor: SUE NASH

Mindset reset Sessions

$120/hour + HST (package pricing available)

Drawing from her background and education in neurolinguistic programming, Chinese medicine, massage, facial work and other somatic techniques, Sue tailors these session to the need of each client.

By gently uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs and mental/emotional blocks, these sessions help clients identify and overcome the obstacles holding them back from stepping into the life and health they’ve been longing for.

During the first session clients work with Sue to devise a plan to move forward. While customizable, the duration is typically 15 weeks.


Group Classes

$34 + HST

These aren’t your typical group classes. Most of our clients develop lasting friendships built on health and common goals, and stay with Body Innovations for life!

Our fantastic instructors each bring their own vast body of education and experience and apply it to each class. Our clients have noted that they feel loved by our instructors, because it’s true! We absolutely love our clients. 

We offer an assortment of classes that serve all levels. You can choose and try your own or ask the team at Body Innovations for guidance on which class to take to meet your specific goals.

Class descriptions can be found here.

Instructor: Mixed

Online Group Classes

$20 + HST

Online classes are great for exercising in the privacy of your own home, or if you’re not located in the Guelph area.

All you need to join is:

Initial Assessment + Private Sessions

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