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who we help

A Pilates Studio For Misfits

Before working with Body Innovations, many of our clients described themselves as “misfits.” They had health concerns that drove them to explore traditional medicine and often far beyond that, only ever finding incomplete or non-existent care.

Sue began her healing journey as a misfit herself, and it was her commitment to learning, persistence, extensive education, experience and research that led her into whole and complete health. She now uses that same approach and toolkit to help her clients, by quickly spotting patterns and inefficiencies that do more harm than good.

Under our care, movement becomes medicine for body, mind and soul. As we develop confidence in the body to support us, it empowers us.

The clients we serve become family, which carries its own value, but the community of people practicing at Body Innovations who can truly empathize with difficulty and persistence in the isolating journey of unanswered health questions, is priceless.

who we help

A Pilates Studio For Everyone

We are a fully stocked, full service Pilates and movement studio, offering a variety of classes and services.

Our clientele use Pilates to enable a healthy active lifestyle and enjoy life without pain. 

We’ve developed a community that grows with you, like a high-functioning family. We pride ourselves on providing safe workouts that increase mobility, flexibility, and strength. If you’re looking for individualized training in a warm and welcoming community environment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Even though most of our classes are group classes, there is no “lumping in” or one-size-fits-all approach. Your individual injuries, history and goals are known by our staff, and we work privately toward your goals within the group. If extra help or support is needed along the way, we have private classes available.

Everyone at Body Innovations is working toward their own health goals, and we’ve helped many people feel very satisfied in their active life. The best part of working out in a group like this, is that even though we’re on different paths, we’re all heading toward the same destination, and the camaraderie that fosters motivates us all.